Ultimate Guide To Dog Grooming

Broaden your knowledge to keep your pet healthy, happy and looking gorgeous

  • Build a closer bond through regular contact while keeping his coat healthy and shiny
  • Learn to spot the early signs of different skin, eye, ears and teeth complaints
  • You can to set up a profitable dog-grooming business by studying our certified course at your own pace on an easy-to-use platform compatible with all devices

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  • No-one wants a mullet haircut, not even your dog! Practice makes perfect, so you can watch videos in your own time on the right ways to cut and brush hair
  • Dog grooming is where Holly & Hugo first began with the original course compiled by Tolo Vicens, a professional dog groomer with 20 years’ experience. So you’ll be learning from the master!
  • Understand the importance of regular grooming for a healthy coat and skin - he’ll turn heads too!
  • Get the edge on competitors by knowing the top grooming techniques for different breeds
  • Master skills to care for your pet better while spending quality time together or set up your own business working with animals


  • Your four-legged friend will think you’re the best pet parent ever for spending hands-on, quality time together so he’s happy, healthy and handsome!
  • Pet owners and professionals who want to broaden their knowledge to better understand dog’s anatomy and types of coats
  • People seeking a certified course to help move their career forward


  • How to correctly handle dogs so they are putty in your hands plus tips for bath-time, brushing and hot cuts for top dogs
  • All the tools of the trade you’ll need for a professional look and how to use them
  • Techniques for calming anxious dogs and administering first-aid if necessary


  • Broaden your knowledge of dog anatomy, skin and hair to better understand him
  • Expand your horizons by learning a new skill to add to your existing business or set up a new career path to earn extra income
  • Know the best way to care for your furry best friend on a more personal level


  • How to correctly handle dogs so they are putty in your hands plus tips for bath-time, brushing and hot cuts for top dogs
  • All the tools of the trade you’ll need for a professional look and how to use them
  • Techniques for calming anxious dogs and administering first-aid if necessary


  • Broaden your knowledge of dog anatomy, skin and hair to better understand him
  • Expand your horizons by learning a new skill to add to your existing business or set up a new career path to earn extra income
  • Know the best way to care for your furry best friend on a more personal level


Module 1: Where did grooming begin?
  • 1.1 Changing fashions in dog grooming
  • 1.2 When did dog grooming begin and why?
  • 1.3 Why dog groomers will always be in hot demand
  • 1.4 Tips on being the top dog in the grooming world
Module 2: Be prepared!
  • 2.1 Finding the right equipment for you and your clients
  • 2.2 Making sure you and your staff know how to handle dogs
  • 2.3 Kind ways to gently restrain dogs while you groom
  • 2.4 Different types of muzzles and when you need them
  • 2.5 Making sure the pet is safe and secure at all times
Module 3: First aid
  • 3.1 Introduction to first aid
  • 3.2 How to approach an injured or ill dog for your security and his
  • 3.3 When artificial respiration is required and how to act swiftly
  • 3.4 How to give heart massage to save an animal’s life
  • 3.5 Recognizing symptoms and dealing with heat stroke
  • 3.6 Stress from shock
  • 3.7 Reacting quickly to an electric shock
  • 3.8 Safely coping with seizures or convulsions
  • 3.9 What to do if the dog is choking
  • 3.10 How to deal with burns
  • 3.11 What to have in your pet first aid and emergency kit
Module 4: The most common disorders
  • 4.1 Introduction to disorders you may come across while grooming
  • 4.2 Grooming a dog with eczema
  • 4.3 What to do when a dog has ringworm
  • 4.4 Bathing and brushing a dog with dandruff
  • 4.5 Right way to deal with scabies
  • 4.6 What is otitis
  • 4.7 How to clean eyes with conjunctivitis
  • 4.8 Preventing the buildup of plaque
Module 5: Working tools
  • 5.1 Why you should invest in the best possible equipment
  • 5.2 Cutting equipment and scissors for grooming
  • 5.3 Different brushes and combs for different breeds
  • 5.4 Additional accessories for dog groomers
  • 5.5 Importance of hygiene and disinfection
Module 6: Psychology and bathing
  • 6.1 The dog groomers approach to dogs
  • 6.2 Advice for clients on preparing dogs for grooming
  • 6.3 How to handle aggressive dogs
  • 6.4 How often and how to wash a dog?
  • 6.5 Preparing the dog before you start
  • 6.6 Important little places to deal with
  • 6.7 Shampooing and getting rid of nasty smells
  • 6.8 Dive in!
Module 7: Anatomy & types of coat
  • 7.1 Getting to know your dog’s anatomy
  • 7.2 Different types of coats to work with
  • 7.3 Which dogs have low, medium and high levels of grooming
  • 7.4 Bathing dogs with long hair
  • 7.5 Bathing dogs with curly hair
  • 7.6 Bathing dogs with short hair
  • 7.7 Bathing Nordic dogs
Module 8: Standard styles
  • 8.1 Introduction to styling different breeds
  • 8.2 What’s best for a poodle
  • 8.3 Grooming a Yorkshire terrier
  • 8.4 Dealing with a West Highland White Terrier
  • 8.5 Tips for a English cocker spaniel
  • 8.6 Best treatments for a Shih Tzu
  • 8.7 Brushing a Schnauzer
  • 8.8 Correct procedures for a labrador/retriever
  • 8.9 Techniques for a French Bulldog
  • 8.10 Handling the coat of a Samoyed husky
  • 8.11 Getting to know the mongrel / mutt / mixed breed types



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Tolo Vicens is a professional dog groomer with over 20 years’ experience in the dog grooming industry and a renowned career.

Caring for dogs has been his life’s passion. In his teens, his love for dogs led him to prepare some prime breeds for showing in top competitions in Europe, winning many awards, including an international silver medal from Suerzoo (Zaragosa) and from the prestigious Crufts, UK. From Sizoo, Barcelona he was awarded the national gold scissors medal, making him champion in Spain, a silver medal for the poodle category and bronze for his skills in stripping technique.

He has spent many hours during competitions taking care of poodles. Being a champion requires him to train many hours each week and be willing to travel a lot. His dream is to be able to compete one day with a Giant Poodle. His other passions are breeding parrots and training horses.


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  • You can set your own pace of study because it is completely online and available on any device. You can study anytime, anywhere so there's no pressure. These are some of the reasons that Holly and Hugo are the perfect partners for busy people

  • At the end of each module is an exam to pass to make sure you have fully taken in each stage. These modules are easy to understand and, therefore, easy to remember. You can revisit the material for a refresher if you want to look something up

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  • From time to time, we also organize live webinars with a vet which you can join in and have any queries or questions professionally answered to help you enjoy a better understanding of animals


  • Holly and Hugo is a professional company with an international team of experts, including veterinary surgeons, compiling the courses. The main veterinarians involved in our courses are Pippa Elliott BVMS MRCVS who graduated from the University of Glasgow, UK, and has 27 years' experience and Deborah Shore DVM, who graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine

  • You will be getting up-to-date information from experienced professionals so you can be confident the advice is credible

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I didn't have any grooming skills before the course, now I do. I went out and purchased a pair of scissors and clippers so that I am now able to groom my own dog at home. It was easy reading and I enjoyed the videos showing how each particular breed should be groomed while having the points on the right hand side of the video. I'm a very visual and hands on person so it was nice watching the videos. Shauna Smith - Canada

The course content was brilliant! It also stuck to the point and didn't veer off into only distantly related subjects unlike some courses I have attempted in the past. The e-books are a great idea and very attractively designed, and very helpful. I really like the layout of your course material and the ease of use, and it's great to receive a certificate from yourselves, an accredited one AND the added bonus of the Completion Letter and the Breakdown Transcript! I am finding it very rewarding to be learning so much on these courses and I am certain the new knowledge and understanding I am gaining will be hugely beneficial in helping me to achieve my animal career/business goals and also my ability to care for and understand my own and others animals. The Holly and Hugo team are lovely people who are very easy to communicate with and are always helpful And their social media presence is an awesome way to stay connected and feel part of an enthusiastic community. Don't look any further for courses!! Choose Holly and Hugo!! Susan Grainger - United Kingdom

The course has given me the confidence to groom own dogs better and I now know which order to clip and how to use the tools in a more confident way. The whole way the course is set up is very easy to navigate and check on your progress. Joanne Coulter - United Kingdom

10 down 6 to go. These @hollyandhugo courses are very enlightening and fun to study. Linda Marshall - United Kingdom

It has improved my life, I have started my own Pet Sitting business and left the corporate world to pursue my passion and dream. So to put it mildly it has change my world for the best. What would I say to friends is what I already say to them, take the course: it's a great value and you will learn, unlike other online courses that teach you nothing, with Holly and Hugo you have to pass a test and they are not easy questions to get certified. Patricia Lackner - United States




Normal price: $ 119 YOU SAVE 84 %